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product: N - TGD wire tape winding machine 
product information:

I. Introduction

& nbsp; N-TGD-type steel cord belt bucket elevator is my company in the digestion and absorption of foreign technology, combined with domestic production and use practices and the development of a new generation of products, the product has a delivery capacity, small size, low power consumption low, stable and reliable operation, long life advantages. For dry bulk powder materials or small vertical lift granular materials, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electricity and other bulk materials industries to enhance the system, is the new dry kiln cement plant kiln feed, raw material homogenization library, ideal to replace foreign products with the specifications of the replacement equipment on cement silo storage materials.

Second, the principle

& nbsp; N-TGD hoist traction components made of high strength steel cord rubber band together to overcome the chain-driven dynamic loads generated over the chain lighter, smooth, faster movement speeds can reach higher productivity under the same production conditions, the tape should be its high operating speed and lighter weight, can load and traction material line elements linear load reduced, thereby reducing the size and weight of the machine. And because the tape has good elasticity and flexibility, have a damping effect in the loading hopper. As a result of high-strength steel cord belt, can hoist lifting height and conveying greatly improved, so that the product has a good prospect.

Third, the performance characteristics

1, high lifting height, the highest single can reach 100m.
2, transport capacity, the largest up to 50m3 / h.
3, the material temperature can reach an agreement 20 ℃.
4, between the hopper tightly packed, continuous extraction, continuous discharge.
5, life, good operational reliability, MTBF can be more than 30,000 hours.
6, low power consumption, compared with the general hoist more than 30% of energy savings, the use of low cost.
7, easy operation and maintenance, less wearing parts, maintenance costs than the average bucket elevator reduced by more than 80%.
8, high structural precision, strength, beautiful appearance.

Fourth, the technical specifications


V, structural

& nbsp; N-TGB hoist from moving parts, drives, upper unit, the central cabinet, the lower means.
1, run components: using a specially designed high-strength steel cord belt ripstop, with a dedicated tape joints and fasteners battle hopper tape long-term reliable operation, hopper design layout is reasonable, and there are different types of arrangement to ensure continuous improvement and unloading materials.
2, the driving device: Hardened reducer orthogonal axis spindle directly connected with the lift with hydraulic coupling, slow repair motors and backstop, compact transmission structure, to achieve flexible start.
3, upper unit: automatic roller design for the device, using high-performance rubber roller coated, long life, high friction, number one department postscript belt anti-deviation device.
4, middle chassis: The chassis optimized design, dual-channel design, to avoid a relatively high-speed operation of the tape caused by vortex interference, attached to strengthen angle.
5, lower part of the device: rack and pinion gravity tensioning device, the synchronization adjusting rear drum stroke, rear cylinder with automatic design, along with anti-deviation device
set belt and capacity-bit controller, speed detection Miriam.

Six Selection

& nbsp; former N-TGD user selection, please send an "N-TGD Selection Technical Data Sheet" (see Table II) to the Company, to calculate and determine the appropriate selection of programs from the company’s technical department
, and feedback "N-TGD General Plan Selection" and "N-TGD technical response book" (see Table III), the user would then be able to carry out the selection
or work orders.




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